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Swabhava is the Sanskrit word for "one's innate disposition or nature", which is inherent in all Beings.

It is that state that is one's essential being and that sustains each soul for their highest good, otherwise known as one's "dharma".

Each person's path of Truth is always there, but sometimes hidden. When we find it and expose it and then live it, it then becomes our "swa-dharma". When we live our swa-dharma, all our actions become joyful, full of purpose, effortless and spontaneous.

Krishna says to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita "Better is one's own norm imperfectly carried out than another's norm well performed. By performing the action prescribed by one's own being (swa-bhava), one does not accumulate un-ease".

Swaha Vinyasa Yoga embodies these qualities and encourages each individual to explore their full potential in themselves, on all levels.

As we unfold the freedom of our spirit we move "out of the box" of limited consciousness into inspired creative awareness, One with that Divine field of limitless potential and expression.

Inspired by Ashtanga vinyasa yoga and informed by intelligent "natural body" alignment principles, Swaha Vinyasa Yoga is designed ultimately to tap the creative spark within, and approach the Yoga practice as a Whole.

Classes range from and encompass a vinyasa-style class, pranayama, meditation, chanting, philosophy, Sanskrit, Restorative yoga, along with live and recorded music during class and kirtan (call-and-response chanting).

Ron and Meenakshi have been teaching teacher/student intensives for the last 5 years, in Canada, the U.S,. Europe and the UK. Below are class descriptions for week-end or week-long workshops, conferences, festivals, and intensive trainings."

We are now offering a 28 hour comprehensive advanced Swaha Vinyasa Yoga teacher Training intensive: This program will be an integrative training designed to help teachers find their own true essence and voice.
Themes we will be exploring will be:

  • The Spirit of Vinyasa; Vinyasa as a vehicle for cultivating moment to moment awareness.
  • Prana; the essence of the breath. Using breath as a link to our higher consciousness.
  • Asana as Therapy; the healing power of yogasana
  • Alignment as sacred geometry
  • Asana as a spiritual art form
  • Philosophical explorations of the themes "Swabhava" and "Swadharma" from the Bhagavad Gita.
  • The use and practice of mantra, and mantra therapy for Healing, Health and Wholeness.
  • The power of ritual; connecting to our root of traditional practices.

For details, please email us at: info@swaha.ca

also click on the image to download flyer:


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