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About Swaha

Do you have any injuries or difficulties arising in your yoga practice?
Privates (with Ron or Meenakshi) can help to approach your concerns with a therapeutic intention, to enhance your understanding of what is going on mechanically in the body.
This in turn has a direct effect to aid in the recovery of an injury, or prevent one, which then provides a wholeness in our emotional and spiritual well being.
By appointment only…namaste!


“A private with Ron is like a kick-start to my yoga practice when I am a little stalled. He is so clear and so specific that for weeks afterwards I hear his voice in my head guiding and reassuring me.”
Suzanne Steele, owner of The Yoga Room studio

“Thank you Ron for sharing the gifts of yoga and pranayama with us throughout this Teacher training program. It has been then most rewarding experience I could have been a part of this year. It has been a pleasure and honour to work with you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experiences with us.”
Esther Willinger

“Ron, thank you so much for all that you have shared with us these past months. Your techniques, ideas, expressions and humour made your classes truly enjoyable. I will keep many memories of laughter and learning, as well as feeling peaceful and clear in the moment. You teach and live with such wisdom and humility: it’s rare to see. And it’s a wonderful inspiration to all of us trying to live our yoga-thank you!”
Joanne Jaffey


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